Lei’s and Lei Po’o

A lei is a garland or wreath and comprised from a variety of leaves and flowers and are worn over the shoulders / around the neck. They can be seen worn by anyone, all around Hawaii and the Polynesian islands. A lei po’o is a smaller type of lei, worn on the head. A lei is traditionally offered from one person to another to symbolize a greeting, love, friendship, or a celebration.

If you want to purchase a lei or a lei po’o, just let us know. We can make you any item by using what we have access to and what is currently in season to a semi-custom item where you can choose the color scheme you want and I will recommend the flowers that will work best.

We will have workshops where you can learn how to make your very own Lei or Lei Po’o. 

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Want a Lei Po’o or a Lei for a special occasion? Send us a message and see how we may fulfill your request.

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Lei's and Lei Po'o

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